Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Labor students confusion; countdown to the split; confessional

First things first. Whoever navigated to this page with the google string 'truth about NOLS' has made my week. Seriously.

Second, the NOLS I'm blogging on is the Australian incarnation of the National Organisation of Labor Students; not the North Olympic Library System or the National Outdoor Leadership School. Perhaps my last four years might have been better spent with either of them--perhaps in Oregon--but I digress. There's only one NOLS like the Australian NOLS, thank goodness.

Third. Many of you are heading to the National Conference of NUS in Ballarat, possibly the last one ever. Good luck to you, and once again, I mean this with all seriousness. I wish you all the best.

For I shall finalise in the next day or so the story of my experience at NUS, and a peculiarly terrible, infuriating, tragic and pathetic experience it was.

Bless me, comrades, for I have sinned.


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